Race Car-Inspired Fashion, Good or Bad?

Race car-inspired fashion had increasingly been gaining more and more popularity these days. In fact, even popular designers and manufacturers are producing outfits and accessories inspired by car races. We can safely assume then that the car racing industry is on its way to the peak. The popularity of such had been getting higher over the years that even women who normally are not interested in cars are showing enthusiasm.

And just like any other new trend in the modern world, it is being embraced by millions, billions of people even. Moreover, since a lot of people are starting to see this as very cute and empowering at the same time a lot are becoming obsessed with it. Now before we go further, answer this question, “Is this new fashion trend really good or bad?”Montres-Belmoto-Couverture


Just like any other thing in this world, this too has its own advantages and risks. First and foremost, this new trend gives a definite boost in the car racing industry. This will be a very good way of introducing car racing into the world in a whole different aspect. This would also bring awareness as to what really is car racing. This would also give a definite boost in the fashion industry. Since this is actually a new trend, there will be unlimited customers who are willing to spend a lot just to own one of these fashion items.


Whilst the advantages are numerous and are really uncountable there would always be some disadvantages or disappointments following it. Since this trend is becoming too common it could also affect the way others would see car racing, common. Additionally, others obsession might turn out to be not so good. Remember, as they say, “a little too much of everything is not good”. This is true indeed, obsession or too much interest might make the combination of the outfit really terrible. It is best and advisable to balance everything. It is okay to love the trend but you really need to keep yourself to your limits so as to maintain its class.


Race Car-Inspired Fashion Flaunted by Celebrities

Race car-inspired fashion had been the talk of town for quite some time now. One of the reasons for its popularity is perhaps because of its unexpected rise in the fashion industry. Car races are most often than not being flocked by men. In recent years though, more and more women are becoming indulged in car racing. While there are a few women who really get into racing itself, the alternatives are being taken seriously by women. Let’s say for example, watching car races and betting.

Celebrities and Car Races

BARCELONA, SPAIN - MAY 07:  WILLIAMS MARTINI RACING driver Felipe Massa and Bar Refaeli pose with a WILLIAMS MARTINI RACING car at Terrazza MARTINI as she is announced as the global MARTINI Race ambassador. The VIP party kicked off the European Formula Oneª season in MARTINI style at Port Vell, Barcelona on Thursday 7 May 2015. Terrazza MARTINI is open throughout the Spanish Grand Prix weekend.  (Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images for MARTINI) *** Local Caption *** Felipe Massa; Bar Refaeli

Although most celebrities are not so much into racing cars they themselves own many different high-end cars which are quite rare. Additionally, a lot of female celebrities are getting more and more into what they call the race-car effect. The most recent talk is that of Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is one of the leaders in this new trend and had just recently posted a picture of her in a pair of striped moto pants she got from designer Unravel Project. This post had impressed millions of people especially those netizens who are into Jenner and fashion lovers as well. We’re pretty sure this display of car-racing inspired fashion would be a trend following her post.

Hailey Baldwin

On the other hand, her pal Hailey Baldwin was seen wearing a bright red Ferrari jacket from Sami Miro Vintage, a sustainable shop. The red Ferrari jacket complemented her features widely and thus bringing out her other beautiful features.

SofiA Richie


Sofia Richie had shown off as well by wearing a head-to-toe outfit from the brand Each x Other. This outfit was rather unusual but the design is indeed perfect.

All of their looks are certainly worthy of the best prizes.

In the past, whenever you see a woman wearing a man-like attire, it becomes a little weird but times may have really changed a lot since these are now considered not just acceptable but is being embraced by the public. Furthermore, even jobs initially done by men alone before can be done exemplarily by women too.